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Lessons For My Kids, originally started as something I wrote for my Kids, but has since grown into so much more, While I have learn’t allot of things the hard way and feel I have allot to share with the world, in terms of life lessons, I don’t profess to know everthing or even anything atall.

It doesn’t matter if you feel you only have one lesson to share or a whole bundle of lessons, we (and I especially) really would love to hear them and share them with our readers, since there are…….

Submit Life Lesson

Benefits of Being Involved

This is a voluntary role, so you you must be motivated to write just to share your words and help people, this being said although we dont if offer financial benefits we do offer a few unique opportunities:

  • You can share your tips with a large audience – We are constantly growing in traffic and popularity so your tips could potentially help improve the lives of thusands of people.
  • It will look good on your CV – You can say you voluntarily gave up your time to help people improve their lives, while at the same time improving your writing style and research skills, this is especially important for an aspiring jornalist or writer
  • Full Accreditation – Any articles you post can be attributed to you, if you want, e.g. This post was written by Your Name

How To Submit Your Life Lessons

Ok, so if you are still interested to be part of our team, or even if you just want to submit 1 or 2 tips

Please send a sample containing:

  • The title of the page
  • Short Introduction 100-200 words
  • The Life Lesson – 100-200 words
  • Conclusion – 50 words
  • Your name

Please send this via email to:

Send your Life Lessons to this email address

We will respond to all submissions as soon as we can and strive to publish your Lessons ASAP!

Thank you for your helping us by giving up your time to contribute 🙂

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