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I have taken the hard way in many instance in school I got an E in English, a D in Maths and Business studies, If I had of applied myself in business studies, I could have easily got an A, my teacher saw that when I actually attended but unfortunately I was an idiot in Year 10 and bunked allot, I was barley at school, I chose to stay in bed rather than get up and go to school, I chose to turn up late every day, school started at 9 and I would turn up at 12, if you’re going to bunk don’t do it when you’re doing exams and they are teaching you for the exams, and when I was in school I was always off high off 4 or more cans of Red Bull, just to overcome the tiredness, where I had spent all night online!

I almost had to do Level 1 at college, since I didn’t meet my offer requirements because of the English grade, luckily after a chat with the module leader Lynn, and some blagging she saw potential and used her discretion and let me on the course, but even then I was still a year behind the curve because of my English grade and some bad advice, the bad advice being some careers teacher told me Level 2 was better when it’s not, would I change it, no because everything that’s happened since maybe wouldn’t have happened, and I wouldn’t change my journey, do I advise you to take the easier path yes!

I then did enough to get to Level 3 and then worked hard, I had to do an extra year at college, I  have had to work harder than everyone else, I don’t mind because I would be a different person, the path you take in life makes you who you are, you take a different path you become someone else, maybe if I hadn’t hated school, had acne, and very few friends then I wouldn’t have got into websites, and marketing, and then who knows where I would be?

Ultimately if you are wise you will take these life lessons, and action them, if not then you won’t and you will work out that I was right for yourself …. Either way I have done all I can for now to write them down.


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